Battlefield: BC2 FOV Calculator

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FOV (Field of View) determines how much of your surrounding area you can see without turning.

Usually in FPS games where this is configurable, you adjust the horizontal field of view so you can see more to the left and right. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 uses vertical FOV instead, so it's a little harder to work out what you need to set it to. Here's the formula, bearing in mind it works in radians, not degrees:

FOV formula

Not really something you can do in your head, huh? :D So, simply enter your in-game screen resolution (or aspect ratio) and preferred horizontal FOV above and click the calculate button.

There's currently no way to change this setting in-game, so you'll need to update your settings.ini file manually. The default location is "My Documents\BFBC2". Open it with notepad and find the line that says something like "fov=55", change the number and save the file. If you can't find this line, you'll need to add it yourself. Just make sure it's somewhere under "[Graphics]".

Note: You'll need to restart BC2 before it starts working.


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